The Global Alliance For Vehicle Data Access

Global Alliance for Vehicle Data Access

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The Global Alliance for Vehicle Data Access (GAVDA) is a diverse group of global stakeholders and thought leaders united by a common goal of maintaining control by motor vehicle owners over personal and vehicle-generated data. This common goal is to be achieved by preserving and enhancing the current vehicle data environment of open, secure, technology-neutral and direct access by vehicle owners to real-time data.  

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GAVDA promotes a data access model that provides for vehicle owner control (including access by parties authorized by the vehicle owner), ensures full and fair competition, protects personal privacy, advances data security, and enables the appropriate use of data analytics driven by public interest.  



GAVDA pursues this common goal through research, advocacy, and collaboration.  Participation in GAVDA is open to all organizations and entities that endorse GAVDA’s common goal, including non-governmental organizations such as trade associations and public interest groups, academics, government agencies, companies and others.